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fetch my paint, PORCH MONKEY!

ART CRIMES: graffiti from all over the world
BBOY.COM: Phat Bboyin page
ISM BBOYS: Go peep this page, it has all the elements
HIP-HOP.COM: HIP HOP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
EXTREM: ther graffiti below is by "extrem" go peep his page!
EVOL ACP: evol's ACP page

CLoNe's wack ass shout out's

Here are some shout outs to my peeps from ACP, whatup "Smerf", who is comming out with an MC single very soon, so try to check that out, and "Evol" (who helped me out with this shit). To my girl Laura, who's been there for me. Whatup "icons"? Stop crossin out my shit, But big ups to you and TSM, mad props boyz. Up's to "Grinch" and "Lance". Thank you to "EXTREM" for the use of his flix, which you can see below. Wussup to everyone else I know ! peace out yall, "CLone" of the ACP alliance

Clone has worshipers